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Best in class suction and boom technology

makes digesting everything fast and easy


Silent, Compact and Powerful –

can uplift the image of any area


Patent Pending telescopic hydraulic

boom allows machine to reach difficult

areas with utmost ease


Modular Technology – can be installed easily on

vehicles, trailer, tractor, boat, cart or rail


Cleaning India in Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune,

Agra, Noida and several other locations


Present across 10 states and 20 cities


Seamlessly blends in Urban environments

and makes cities and towns Smart


Pioneer of Heavy Garbage collection.

Buy easily, use easily, maintain easily.

Municipal Waste

Spruce Up Industries has worked with several metro cities of India to create a comprehensive solution of removing age old legacy waste sites present in cities and also for daily waste removal.

Leagacy Waste: Accumulated over years, these neglected areas develop large amounts of waste. These sites are typically difficult to access, the garbage can easily run into 10+ tons per site, and the complexity of the garbage also can be high. 

Daily Waste: Waste generated everyday often ends up being double handled, or handled inefficiently. This creates a need for more manpower and equipment’s than are actually needed. Because the work load is high, picking up garbage from ground or bins sometimes gets neglected a pseudo garbage spots start to emerge. 

These sites can make the city look bad, can endanger the lives of people who live around it and tend to further create environmental hazards. Utilizing people without any machines makes the job difficult and often labor refuses to work in such an environment. It is furthermore illegal to subject cleaning workers to such conditions without proper equipment’s.

Jatayu Machines are designed to handle tough garbage and with their long hose can easily help convey unearthed garbage from site till road. In other areas the machine is directly able to pickup large amounts of garbage on its own with easy. Often such work is assisted by extra helpers and tractor trolley or a compactor so as to quickly evacuate large tonnage from site to processing center. 

Deployment Options (Gross Contract Value 5-100cr)

Option 1 - Civic Body buys and operates

While the most straightforward option, this is suitable when machines are less in number or if end client has exceptional operational skills and track record. As the volume of work increases and high efficiency is required, it is often more efficient to outsource the work to a professional contractor or Facility Management Company. 

Option 2 - Civic Body buys and outsources operations

As the capital purchase is incurred by the end client, this often makes it easy and lucrative for several private cleaning agencies as they do not have to make large upfront investments. Such a model can be quickly deployed by the civic body as even smaller agencies can take part in the process. 

Option 3 - Civic Body outsources purchase and operations

This type of contract can be fully SLA based making the end clients responsibility considerably less and give a turnkey solution. Typically large agencies are required who have adequate ability to fund the upfront capital purchase and also to operate at large scale. 

Benefits of clearing Legacy Waste

Why clean?

  • Economic Benefit: When waste is removed, the real estate area around it appreciates in value and can attract investment, tourism or can motivate people to utilize the area in better ways.
  • Environmental Benefit: Unattended waste breed vermin, when burned releases harmful gases, enters the water table after rains, chokes the drainage and creates water stagnation. Cleaning waste has a multifold environmental benefit.
  • Human Benefit: Often communities live around waste. Health outcomes of people who work in the waste sector and who live around waste can be dramatically improved if waste is cleared timely and hygienically.





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