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Meet the Jatayu Super

India’s ONLY true contactless garbage collection machine



The Jatayu Super series is a full-fledged package for mid-sized heavy-duty vacuum. The Super series is capable of reaching a 20 ft. distance with the help of a three-axis hydraulically controlled telescopic boom arm. A hydraulically adjustable 1.5 m3 Aluminum Hopper container is efficient in dumping the waste from a height of 6 ft.

An autonomous filter cleaning system makes the Super series skillful. All these features empower the user to accumulate and store large amount of dust, garbage, or waste. The machinery is so smooth and trouble-free that helps the driver and the operator to collect two tons of waste every day without any restrictions.



Designed to tackle the challenges of a city, the Jatayu Super was conceived to be compact, powerful and very maneuverable. It has a number of unique patent pending technologies which make it the most advanced machine of its type. Its compact and narrow form factor allows it to operate in traffic conditions and the boom can extend and collapse and cross cars to reach all parts of the road. Its Aluminum hopper build along with Mitsubishi engine and a proprietary compact drivetrain configuration allows it to mount on LCVs and save fuel as well. 


High Dump

Jatayu Super is efficient enough in dumping waste from a height of 6 ft. It can dump the collected garbage into a Tractor, Garbage Collector Vehicle, Compactor and so on. This process makes the machine so efficient that it can work constantly and need not go to the dumping yard which ultimately avoids double handling of waste and improves the productivity and saves cost.

Easy to Use

‘User-friendly’ is the baseline of all the features and functionality used in the system. The machine is not only easy to use but also ergonomic and lets the users move relaxed and comfortably.


As the word suggests, the assembly is designed in such a way, that the user can work one step ahead in terms of productivity and efficiency. The design is so comfortable, that it does not give any tiring experience and fatigue while working with it.


Equipped with a specially designed foam-lined closed canopy and with minimal openings, along with a large silencer, the Japanese engine gives a noiseless experience that helps the user to work even on the night shift. It does not disturb the surroundings even on full power resulting in an increase in the productivity.

Dry and Wet Garbage

The machinery can work equally well in all weather conditions and functions in all the terrains with dry and wet garbage uniformly.

Hydraulic Tipping

Jatayu Super is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable 1.5 m3 Aluminum Hopper container which has a load bearing capacity of one ton. The tipping of the container makes the unloading of the garbage seamless. In other words, all the heavy duty work will be performed without the human interference.

Automatic Cartridge cleaning

Onboard Cartridges cleaning system is an autonomous task and can be done with a single button press. The Pulse Blasting Technology cleans the cartridges externally. This feature allows the machine to work for a longer duration, in a dusty and unclean environment, which makes the operator’s work smooth and effortless.

Telematic Tracking

To monitor the machine’s Location, usage hours, Fuel consumption, route and so on, the machine is loaded with telematics unit, which transmits the machine related information to the server. It allows the operator and supervisor to track machine usage, performance and efficient utilization.

Hydraulic Telescopic Boom

A telescopic multi-axis 270◦ covering boom enriches the user’s experience, in terms of distant reach and weight reduction. It eliminates the load of the hose from the operator’s body. The hydraulic design reduces the wear and tear cost associated with the hose. This specially designed boom is patent pending and Spruce Up is the pioneer of this unique technology.  The boom is designed ergonomically to reach at a certain height as well as clear the bin, by leaning forward. It can easily cross the obstructions such as walls, fences, parked cars, embankment and so on.


The machine is capable of delivering an extremely powerful and portable suction, which allows the machinery to work well with dry and wet garbage uniformly. The vacuum is capable of collecting even a full-sized coconut. It has the ability to deliver the highest power in its category, which will definitely leave a mark.

Air Path Engineered

The aerodynamics of the pathway is outlined in such way that it cut downs the choking and provides smooth and high grade air stream for conveying the garbage or the waste. With lot of tests and explorations, Spruce Up has engineered the track of the air and the debris. The machine is a masterpiece in terms of planning, for example; the access points. They are designed to give the easy passage to air for streamlined and choke-free experience. The thought of careful engineering was at paramount, as heavy dense garbage has many choking hazards which can stop even the best of machines.


Hose Extension

To increase the vacuum reach and pick up the litter from every corner, up to a 50 ft. modular hose extension option can be provided with the machine. These extenders have been designed by giving extra attention to the clip system, which eases the installation of the extenders and helps the user to work hassle-free. Users can easily attach or detach multiple hose extenders using these clips and get the choke-free vacuum experience.

Car rear vacuum head

Another alternative, a four ft. wide pick-up head can be provided to attach with the hose. The powerful vacuum of the machine can be integrated with the hose to collect leaves from the road. The attachment can be mounted on the vehicle, which allows the driver to drive the vehicle at a slow speed. At the same time, the vacuum collects all the leaves from the road. This option is designed to be used by a single person or an operator. In a single use,

Trailer Super-Size

Jatayu Super comes with a convenient option to use the trailer mount. By using the trailer mount, the machine does not occupy the vehicle unnecessarily. Thus, users can employ the vehicle elsewhere. The trailer mount option allows the user to use the machine as and when required. Also, it is a low-cost alternative.

Sanitization and Water Spray Package

An optional onboard liquid storage tank and an extendable hose reel enable the user to pressure spray water or disinfectant to clean and disinfect the storage. The sanitization package empowers the user to spray the disinfectant on the garbage to maintain cleanliness and sterility. Users can spray the sanitizer or antiseptic comfortably before and after every use. Using the extendable hose reel, operators can cleanse themselves or the machinery visibly, using the water stored inside the sanitization storage.

External Cartridge Cleaner

An autonomous 240-volt cartridge cleaning system augments the cartridges cleaning externally. This is an automated and trouble-free experience. Due to rotating cartridges, the operator can work continuously which improves the capability of the machine. This mechanism maintains the stronger vacuum performance and therefore, an operator can run the engine at a low speed, which helps the user to reduce the fuel consumption and save on the cost.

5 in. or 6 in. or 7 in. Hose

It is effortless to collect heavy items, such as stones, minerals, coconut, and so on, with these multiple hoses. Select the appropriate hose which can intensify the airflow and fetch the heavy objects. The setup comes with additional hoses which are useful for industrial applications to collect more items easily, within the minimum time frame.

Dust Suppression Package

As India is a tropical country, dust is an integral part of the Indian weather. For the applications where dust is the main part of the surroundings, Spruce up provides an option to install a water dust suppression system. It ensures to maintain a powerful vacuum airflow, without losing the suction pressure. The dust suppression system sprays a fine mist of water into the airflow, which dampens the dust particles and allows the watery dust to settle down and therefore, prevents it from outreach the filter cartridges. The Dust Separation Package enhances the work time interval when working on Roadside Applications, Foundry Dust, Cement, Manufactory Dust and so on.

Tele After Sales Device

A unique option, is specially designed for Spruce Up’s customers to give extended support, even after the sales. This option enriches the user to remotely consult our support executives, train the operators, on-site repair, and so on, with the Spruce Up remote authorization facility.

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Physical Data

  • Length – 3133 mm
  • Width – 1465 mm
  • Height – 1843 mm
  • Weight – 1350 Kg

Boom System

  • Hose Diameter – 200mm
  • Hose Length – 9 ft
  • Boom Length – 20 ft
  • Boom Supported Hose – Yes
  • Operating Arc – 330 Degree
  • Hydraulic Vertical Motion – Yes
  • Hydraulic Telescope – Yes
  • Quick Access Points – Yes
  • Hose Type – High quality


  • On site installation – Yes
  • Vehicles – Ashok Leyland Dost Strong / Tata Intra / Mahindra Bolero
  • Minimum Payload required – 1500 kg


  • Type – 4-Cycle water-cooled diesel engine
  • Aspiration – Natural Aspirated
  • Cylinders – 3
  • Power – 22.79 HP @ 3600 RPM
  • Displacement – 952 cc
  • RPM – Variable


  • Hydraulic Tipping – Yes
  • Volume – 1.5 Cu.m
  • Dumping Height – 2m
  • Grill inside Hoppper – Yes
  • Hopper Material – Aluminum
  • Hopper Type – Closed spillage free
  • Operation – Remote Button
  • Side Access Door – Yes

Suction System

  • Maximum Airflow – 3100 CFM
  • Maximum Air Velocity – 9000 FPM
  • Drive – Proprietary direct drive
  • Driven by – Engine


  • Stages – 2
  • Primary Filtration – Grill inside hopper
  • Secondary Filtration – Filter Cartridges
  • No of Filters – 3
  • Pulse Cleaning – Yes
  • Filters easily removable – Yes
  • Dust Collection Tray – Yes

Operation Capability

  • Type of Garbage – Wet & Dry (Not Liquid)
  • Continuous operation hours – 10 Hours
  • Seasons – All season capable





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